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My journey into non-medical prescribing

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By Charlene Hales, Clinical Team Manager at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust I approached my supervisor a year ago during my appraisal to express my interest in prescribing as I wanted a new challenge. I liked the idea of implementing a full care plan, conducting assessments, formulating impressions/diagnoses and designing a treatment package that includes medication prescribing.… Read More

Reflecting on Black History Month

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by Henry Akaluka, 3rd year BSc Mental Health Nursing Student at Middlesex University Black history month has primarily been celebrated by revisiting the great works done by black people past and present. Notable black people like Malcolm X, Robert Nesta Marley, Martin Luther King jnr., Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Winnie Mandela come… Read More

The allocation of mental health services: why is it so difficult to get the balance right?

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By Dr. Mark Gray Pro Vice-Chancellor & Director of Knowledge Transfer, Middlesex University. Is there an optimal level of mental health provision? It’s a question that has dogged the economics of mental health for many years, largely because while in other clinical settings differences in allocative outcome don’t cross boundaries from one setting to another… Read More

Co-production at The Recovery College, C&I

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By Iris Dearne, Recovery College Manager, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I). Co-production is at the heart of our Recovery College.  Everything we do at the College is co-created with our students and our local community partners.  Our students come from diverse backgrounds – including  service users, carers, family members, supporters, professionals and the… Read More

Q&A: Lived experience voices series

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By ‘Panther Queen’. An Expert by Experience member within My Care Academy – Guest blogger. An expert reference group of people with lived experience of mental health services is working with My Care Academy within the NSUN 4Pi standards on co-production.  Within our partnership, we are keen to elevate and amplify the voices of people with lived… Read More

Building capability for improvement by building networks at Q Initiative

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By Sophie Bulmer – Guest Blogger Network Development Lead, UCL Partners Networks can be a great way for people working in healthcare to create knowledge, exchange information and share learning.  By crossing the traditional professional and organisational boundaries, networks can encourage collaboration, deepen learning and help to spark innovative approaches to problem solving.  The potential… Read More


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