Mental Health

My education and experience of emotional dysregulation

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By Helen Kehoe  @Helsbels88 Joint Appointment lecturer in Mental Health and Practice Development lead, My Care Academy. This blog intends to give a brief introduction of emotional dysregulation and to share my experience of my own learning and the positive effects of relevant training and experience. I hope that this small piece will interest anyone in… Read More

Co-Production to reduce violence and aggression on mental health wards

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By the PMVA Team at Middlesex University. The prevention and management of violence and aggression (PMVA) team at Middlesex University has been delivering training [the General Services Association (GSA) model] to the local National Health Service (NHS) Trusts staff and the University students since the early 1990s. The model developed in line with the National… Read More

The allocation of mental health services: why is it so difficult to get the balance right?

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By Dr. Mark Gray Pro Vice-Chancellor & Director of Knowledge Transfer, Middlesex University. Is there an optimal level of mental health provision? It’s a question that has dogged the economics of mental health for many years, largely because while in other clinical settings differences in allocative outcome don’t cross boundaries from one setting to another… Read More

Why kindness is key for Mental Health Professionals

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By Suzanne Traynor @Traynors Associate Professor Mental Health (Practice) at Middlesex University & My Care Academy. Working with people experiencing acute mental health distress can at times be challenging but I have found that relationships based on kindness is a helpful beginning.  I am interested in and curious about their lives and what is happening… Read More


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