A day in the life of an Assistant Librarian

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Catherine Wardle Assistant Librarian, Whittington Health Library, Highgate. Morning I’m at my desk by 8.30am ploughing through emails and having a much needed cup of tea at my desk.  East London to North London commuting can be tough! On a typical day I deal with enquiries about literature searches, organise my schedule for training sessions.… Read More

News: Creative Co-production Forum launches at BEH

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The first Creative Co-production Forum took place on Monday 18 June 2018 at Chase Farm. BEH-MHT staff including those working in early intervention, forensic services and The Network met to talk all things co production. The group heard a presentation from Camilla Cox in the Eating Disorders Service who explained how a former patient feedback… Read More

Co-Production to reduce violence and aggression on mental health wards

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By the PMVA Team at Middlesex University. The prevention and management of violence and aggression (PMVA) team at Middlesex University has been delivering training [the General Services Association (GSA) model] to the local National Health Service (NHS) Trusts staff and the University students since the early 1990s. The model developed in line with the National… Read More

Hendon School ‘Stamping out Stigma’ Conference 2018

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By Helen Kehoe & Jennifer Springham Joint Appointment Lecturers in Mental Health and Practice Development leads, My Care Academy. Hendon School hosted their 3rd annual mental health conference held at Middlesex University in June 2018. The Hendon School SOS Mental Health and Wellbeing Team consist of a team of pupils who have achieved so much to be… Read More

The allocation of mental health services: why is it so difficult to get the balance right?

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By Dr. Mark Gray Pro Vice-Chancellor & Director of Knowledge Transfer, Middlesex University. Is there an optimal level of mental health provision? It’s a question that has dogged the economics of mental health for many years, largely because while in other clinical settings differences in allocative outcome don’t cross boundaries from one setting to another… Read More

A new digital debating tool for collaborators: Kialo

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By Fiona Cameron   @cameron_fiona Digital Communications Manager, My Care Academy. If you’re a student, researcher or educator you may be interested in a new digital tool that hit the web recently called Kialo. What is it? A simple yet powerful tool for critical thinking, serious discussion, and decision-making. How does it work? Kialo looks like it… Read More

Co-production at The Recovery College, C&I

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By Iris Dearne, Recovery College Manager, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I). Co-production is at the heart of our Recovery College.  Everything we do at the College is co-created with our students and our local community partners.  Our students come from diverse backgrounds – including  service users, carers, family members, supporters, professionals and the… Read More

Why should Academics & Healthcare professionals blog?

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By Jennifer Springham   @jlspringham2 Joint Appointment lecturer in Mental Health and Practice Development lead, My Care Academy. There is a drive towards blogging from experience and sharing professional perspectives online.  Why is this important for academics, students or healthcare professionals? I know I wondered the same question up until last year.  Since I started my… Read More

Q&A: Lived experience voices series

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By ‘Tessa’. An Expert by Experience member within My Care Academy – Guest blogger. At My Care Academy we have created an expert reference group of people with lived experience of mental health services and signed up to the NSUN 4Pi standards on co-production . Within our partnership we are keen to elevate and amplify the voices… Read More


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