12 July 2018
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Twitterchat: The Data Revolution

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by WeNurses

#WeNurses – The data revolution

You will do well to engage in any healthcare news, conference or announcement without hearing about “Big Data” or “Artificial Intelligence” and “The Data Revolution”.

As nurses we have been recording information since we took our first observations and some of us will have seen the introduction of computerised clinical systems about 10 years ago. You might have heard of the NHS paperless 2020 ambitions. But how much of this has been focused on nursing?

A recent (June 2016) literary review “Bigdata science: A literature review of nursing research exemplars” has the following highlights:

• Findings from this literature review support that nurse scientists are beginning to engage in data science with big data using a variety of data sources and cutting-edge analytic methods.

•The key challenge is determining how nursing scientists partner with the data science field to transcend human intellectual limitations.

•A major implication of this literature review is whether nursing faculty and preparation of future scientists (PhD programs) are prepared for big data and data science.

There have been well documented uses of Artificial Intelligence in imaging diagnosis, where computers can quickly and accurately interpret (often more accurately than skilled professionals) biopsy images supporting clinical treatment, and computers understand the billions of individual genetic letters that can accurately identify a type of cancer, personalising and improving treatment.

But what can data do for nurses and what can nurses do for data?

During this chat we’ll be:

Asking if this is a conversation nurses should be actively involved in?

If it is, how do we become informed and effective about driving and delivering value from data for nurses?

What would we see the barriers to unlocking the value of data for nursing?

What can we do differently now to be involved in the “data revolution”?

And NO, you need don’t to know anything about data or IT to add value to this conversation!

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12 July 2018
from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm



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