Weeks 1-4

Setting objectives (Week 1 of placement)

Write 3 – 4 smart objectives for your initial interview and complete your initial interview with your Practice Assessor

5 Top Tips for Setting Consolidation Objectives
1. Build on your previous experience, reflect on areas you want to improve or feel less confident in.
2. Use feedback from previous placements to inform your objectives, look at your previous PAD entries and your OAR.
3. Ensure a least 1 objective is on the topic of leadership and management skills
4. 12 weeks is a longer placement, set timeframes on your objectives to give you more structure and help you focus e.g. “by
week 2” or “by Midpoint”
5. This is your last placement as a student; ask questions to explore a variety of learning experiences to support your
objectives both inside and outside of the immediate clinical area. E.g. study days, clinics, specialist teams, and

Q1: List all the learning opportunities you are aware of on your final placement area? 

Q2: Which learning opportunities will most help you achieve your objectives and how?