Just as our community shares knowledge effectively, we can also generate new knowledge and evidence about what works through research collaborations.

Both partner trusts have a strong tradition of supporting ground-breaking research studies, and at Middlesex University we have a mission to undertake research which promotes evidence-based mental health policy, practice and teaching. Our research is applied, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, values different methodologies and embraces the principle and practice of co-production.

At Middlesex, we are currently involved in the evaluation of Open Dialogue. We have also undertaken important research on the physical healthcare of mental health patients and studied topic ranging from the management of dual diagnosis to the contribution made by peer practitioners. We are currently planning to conduct a study in support of the implementation of safer wards.

We believe that the people best placed to generate new and interesting research questions are often those of you on the front line who face clinical challenges every day. We are aware that research can sometimes seem remote and technical, but simple data collection and analysis procedures can often generate valuable insights – changing ideas, perceptions and practices for the better. We can offer help, advice and support to get things off the ground, So if you have a topic or a simple research question then we would like to hear from you.